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"The Myth Of The Sofa Sleeper"

We have all heard the “horror” stories of being a friend or relatives house and having to sleep on

For the most part, this was a “horror story”. They were notoriously uncomfortable. Either they
were lumpy or the mattress was so thin you could feel every piece of metal and wood in the

These days, the “scary sofa sleepers” are becoming a thing of the past. With luxury names such
as American Leather and Cantoni, sofa sleepers are quickly becoming the preferred choice
even to the modern bed.

These new and improved sofa sleepers are constructed using the most high quality materials

Everything from pure leather to velvet, high end sofa sleepers showcase the definition of
comfort and style.

The mattresses that make up the bed of the new improved sofa sleepers are made of materials
like memory foam and gel.

These mattresses are in some cases, more high quality than the mattresses you can purchase
for your bed.

Companies such as American Leather and Cantoni do studies that involve testing pressure
points as they pertain to the body. Thus eliminating the thin and lumpy mattresses we came to
know in other sofa sleepers.

Sectionals, which are sofas with more than one piece, can also be sleeper sofas. These
sectionals offer the ability to make the sofa fit just about any style space you want to put it in
while still having the ability to enjoy a sofa sleeper.
Leather sofa sleepers are a popular choice for many people thanks to their durable finish and
classic aesthetic.

Leather is also easy to clean (just dust it lightly with a microfiber cloth), and if it becomes
damaged a good leather repair kit can fix most scratches and stains. If you want a leather
sleeper sofa, you should consider American Leather which comes in a number of beautiful
leather finishes from acorn to black.

The classic silhouette is also a timeless addition to any living room or den, and it fits spaces
both large and small.

Although this sleeper sofa does have a higher price point, it is worth the investment. The
upholstery material is genuine leather, and the mattress is designed to ensure a comfortable
night's sleep.

Many reviewers mention that it’s so comfortable you would never know that it's a sleeper!

Why would you purchase a sofa sleeper? There can be several answers to this question. One
is, to save space.

Having a bed that you can fold away is ideal for smaller apartments, dorm rooms and just about
any space that does not afford the luxury of a lot of space.

Another reason to consider a sofa sleeper is company. If you have family or friends that come to
stay for an extended amount of time, wouldn't you want them to be comfortable?

One of the most important things to remember is, High quality sofa sleepers are more than a
couch that folds out into a bed. They are a statement. A statement that says you appreciate
quality, comfort and style.

We hope we have helped dispel “The Myth Of The Sofa Sleeper” and encouraged you to check
out a sofa sleeper for yourself.

Feel free to leave us a comment or question.

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Why purchase “just a sofa sleeper”?


When you go out shopping for a new living room suite, often you buy at least a 3 piece. That is a sofa, loveseat and chair.

More often than not, these come in sets. Some of these sets can be purchased for less than $500.00 However, they are on the lower end of quality as you will soon realize in a few months.


You can “splurge” and buy sets from $1,000.00 to $5,000.00 and often sill end up with the same disappointing result in a year.


The reasons for this in many cases is simple. Lack of quality and craftsmanship along with mass production.


The companies that produce these livingroom suits are under the gun to build so many complete sets in a certain amount of time to keep stores stocked.


The sacrifice here is, lastability. If you spend a few thousand on a living room suite thinking “If it costs more, it must last longer”, you will most likely be very disappointed in a short amount of time.


In furniture as well as many other products and services, the name carries a lot of weight. If you're spending your hard earned money on names you have never heard of, it is a sure bet you will regret it later on.


When you buy names such as American Leather and Cantoni, you know you are getting quality, style, luxury but more importantly, durability.


This leads us to the question, “why purchase just a sofa sleeper”?


Our sofa sleepers, for example, are all American made and more than that, custom handmade.


Along with durability, optional scotchguarding can ensure your sofa sleeper lasts for years to come.


High-end sofa sleepers may cost more but it is money well spent on a product that will last for years to come.


Not to mention the comfort of the bed itself. The sofa sleepers offer mattresses made of memory foam and gel, which offer the best sleep you can experience.


As for the matching sets, many of the high-end sofa sleepers on the market today afford the ability to easily match pieces that make up a complete suite.


Furthermore, sofa sleepers allow you to save space in cases of smaller apartments or where a large bed is not feasible.


In this case, you can easily have the most comfortable bed you ever slept on as well as a luxury sofa in leather breathable cloth, velvet and more.


Check out one of the top brand name sofa sleepers for yourself today. We promise, you will not be disappointed and best of all, we offer these sofa sleepers at 60% - 80% off retail!


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Why would I want a Sofa Sleeper?


Often people will say “I don’t need a sofa bed, I already have a bed” or “They are uncomfortable, I wouldn't have one”


That may have been true in days past however, today’s sofa sleepers are likely to be more comfortable than your bed!


This is due in part to the new sleep technology that high-end sofa sleeper manufacturers put into their sofa sleepers.


Memory foam and gel mattresses are just a couple of examples of how these manufacturers are raising the bar when it comes to sofa sleepers.


The ease of conversion is another factor that makes the sofa sleepers more desirable today than the ones we came to know years ago.


These sofa sleepers can easily be converted from sofa to bed and back to sofa often with one hand.


“Ok, so the bed feature is comfortable, what about the sofa itself? Is it like sitting on a bed frame?”


The answer to this common question is ABSOLUTELY NOT! The comfort of these sofas is unmatched by anything else you will find.


They have also been proven time and again to retain that same comfort through years of use.


You would never know you were sitting on a sofa bed.


“But they are so expensive, I can’t afford one”. Not at Sofa Sleeper Pros! We make luxury, style and comfort affordable. 


Our sofas, sleepers, sectionals & ottomans are 60-80% off retail. This means you can own a $10,000.00 high-end sofa sleeper for a fraction of what it cost retail or for what you would give for a sofa of far less quality.


“OK, You sold me. Where do I get one?” Sofa Sleeper Pros! We are conveniently located in Carrollton Texas and ship across the entire United States.


Shop our selection of sofas, sleepers, sectionals & ottomans on our website, drop us an email or simply call us.


We would love to welcome you to the Sofa Sleeper Pros Family!


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